Change coaching

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein

Do you recognize yourself?

We are all in transition to some degree.

Sometimes the change is imposed on us from the outside (job change, partner leaving or wanting a significant change in life, loss of someone important, moving into a new place, children leaving home, new chapter in life, etc.).

Sometimes it comes from the inside, when the choices that we made years ago may not serve us anymore and we don’t feel happy (mid-life questioning, new priorities which need life adjustment, lack of clarity, new plans, etc.).

And sometimes we face new challenges or opportunities (starting a business, becoming a parent, juggling work and family, etc.).


Change coaching will help you to understand the key parts of your change: what exactly you desire to change and why; how long it might take; what will give you strength and what might be blocking you; which techniques you need to use to bring your change to success.

Approach & Methodology

I don’t believe in inspirational talks and videos; their effect doesn’t last because they are not tailor made to your own needs and capabilities.

As one of the RMP Masters for Switzerland, I use science backed methods to understand your unique needs and how your personal motivation works (tools from neuroscience, positive psychology, psychology of human needs, personality tests, strength analysis, change frameworks etc.).

Together we will explore your specific situation and provide you with the habits and techniques right for you to make the most of your change

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