Integration coaching

There is a miracle in every new beginning.Hermann Hesse

Do you recognize yourself?

  • Have you just arrived in a new place and don’t know anybody? Are you feeling lonely?
  • Do you miss your personal support network?
  • Do you miss home?
  • Do you want to balance your old life and new life?
  • Do you want to make the best out of this new experience?
  • Is it difficult to be single in the new environment?


Culture shock is a temporary phenomenon and coaching will help you transform it into the new normal very quickly and without pain.

Approach & Methodology

  1. Coaching the transition and the emotional challenges around it (see above)
  2. Practical aspects of settling down
    • How do I quickly understand the cultural differences to avoid faux-pas?
    • How do I quickly build a new support network for me, my partner and my family?
    • Do you need addresses and contacts (doctors, banks, admin tips…)?
    • Are you looking for a job?

In addition, for clients moving to Switzerland, I am providing a package with concrete contacts and references in all aspects of daily life (medical care information and contacts, overview of insurance system and contacts for mandatory products, bank tips, networking events and platforms, language courses etc).

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