Motherhood coaching

Empowering mothers and women in general is my ultimate goal. Creating a strong personal foundation on which you can operate in all your roles. The one which will carry your children, your husband and all the people who depend on you – because this is what mothers do, it all stands or falls with them. Lenka

Do you recognize yourself?

Are you a fresh mother?

  • Trying to find yourself in your new role?
  • Feeling stressed from all tasks and expectations?
  • Feeling that you are not enjoying your new role as you could? Why do others seem to be so happy and I am not?
  • Do you feel you lost your self-confidence?

Are you a mom juggling the family and the job?

  • Can I really handle all my roles?
  • How to organize better? Am I using all my resources? What can I drop?
  • Will this struggle ever get better?
  • No time for self-care?


Do you find that the black and white discussion “kids or career” is not fair? I agree. Most of us want to get to the grey zone, between the two extremes, at least after some time. Coaching will assist you in finding the healthy and sustainable balance – self-care is the key here!

Take it from a woman who knows, who has been exactly there – mother of twins, juggling the family , the marriage, the career, the business… all day, every day… Life creates opportunities to struggle to juggle on a daily basis. But it doesn’t need to be a struggle. It can be a series of opportunities how to overcome obstacles, how to get stronger out of crisis – and – a series of lessons to be learned.

Approach & Methodology

Together we will bring you to being fulfilled in all arenas of your life and to leave the legacy you want.

We will first look under the surface to spot what is to be healed (old beliefs, old traumas, draining factors). Then we will focus on empowering you in your new life by building a strong personal foundation. Our coaching process will give you back your strength and balance so you can enjoy your new life with more joy.

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