Alex, Manager at Google, Switzerland

Taking on a new role as well as the fast-changing environment I work in brought a series of new challenges, from working with many people to high performance and effective time management. Coaching with Lenka helped me successfully overcome these challenges by providing directed, actionable advice, as well as making me more aware of my strengths and the personality traits of the colleagues I am working with.

Lenka is a very thoughtful, empathic person which really listens and cares.

I highly recommend!

Aymeric, Head of Staff, Switzerland

Having worked several years in the same industry, I felt stuck and had no visibility on where I was going.

Working with Lenka helped me realize that making a career shift was not only possible but that I hold all the necessary skills to make it happen.

Today I have made a first big step to the right direction. I feel a lot better, I have again a perspective and lot of what is happening has been made possible thanks to Lenka.

Nada; Director in Restructuring Consultancy, New Zealand

I worked with Lenka through my career change after many years with one employer and a variety of future career options.

Lenka gave me a structure to approach this daunting and quite a challenging task. She provided me with tools to explore what's important to me and what I should be looking for in my future opportunities. Subsequently, I was able to consider my job options in an informative and rational way. Our sessions gave me clarity, focus and commitment to change.

Lenka is an empathetic and relatable coach full of energy and enthusiasm for what she is doing. As she herself successfully went through the career change she is a great motivational example for anyone going through anything similar.

E.M.; Diplomatic and Gender Advisor at Red Cross, Switzerland

After a decade in my previous professional field, I reached out to Lenka following a major professional transition, and during a very challenging time personally.  I had been feeling very lost and hopeless, and I could not see the way forward. I was looking for guidance, for a guide, to help me navigate through this space, and gain clarity about my future path.

Lenka created a tailored coaching program for me, including several personal life coaching sessions to set a foundation, followed by in-depth sessions of career coaching. Over the past several months working with Lenka, I experienced many transformations. With her support, I was able to face past experiences that were still holding me back. She also helped me to reframe the challenges in order to see how I could use what I learned in a positive way, and opened up possibilities of helping others who may be going through something similar. I gained greater awareness about what motivates me, my personality, my core values, and what is essential to my personal and professional fulfilment. Lenka’s incredible energy, honesty, and authentic approach, inspired me in every session, and helped me to believe that change was possible.

Greater self-awareness has led to insight, improved self-confidence, and has given me the courage to go for my dreams. I also have greater clarity about what is really important to me. I am now in the process of exploring different career options, and feel a greater sense of spaciousness, possibility, and excitement about life today, and in the future. After understanding that the way I was living every day was inextricably linked to the kind of future I was building, I have made improvements in different areas of my life - recognising that these practices are my foundation.

I am deeply grateful for the amazing support and expertise Lenka brought to our sessions. It has truly been life changing.

Thank you Lenka!

Aysegül, Commodity trader, Switzerland

From the beginning Lenka instilled an atmosphere of trust and well-being enabling me to share the challenges I wanted to conquer with her help. She is extremely professional and a great listener. She understands people and gives advice without judgement. Working with Lenka has truly helped me shift my perception especially with regards to my own strengths and how I leverage them.

My business has been impacted immensely thanks to Lenka's advice and I am grateful for her presence in this world.

Caroline, Cabin Crew Air France, France

Thanks to my coaching with Lenka I have experienced some major shifts in my life!

Already my very first session with her was truly transformational for me. She gave me power (I was lacking that for years) and together we came up with a strategy to implement step by step the changes I was dreaming of. And I have done them now!

Three years later I was going through an extremely difficult life phase and contacted her again. We have been working together for several months on my relationship issues, needs, personal development and my vision for my future. In every session Lenka taps under the surface and there is always a moment (or a word) that stands out and is a breakthrough for me.

Lenka, thank you so much for your unconditional support! I truly feel like a transformed person thanks to our coaching work!

Luzia S.; Communications manager and regional lead, Switzerland

For quite a few years now I had the feeling that I am not living up to my full potential, that there is a lot of power within me that however is somehow blocked.

Lenka helped me to better understand what this potential consists of and what prevented me to fully step into it. She used a very structured approach combining different systems and methods which helped me to discover my unique personal skill set as well as tendencies that are reinforcing and amplifying each other. This clarity helps me tremendously to make better, more informed and conscious decisions when it comes to my job search and career development.

With her empathetic and supportive manner and her focus on tangible outcomes she was a perfect guide on my journey to a more fulfilled and successful professional life.

Eva, Community Specialist & Business Owner, Italy

Lenka has a great ability to build rapport and trust with the client, not only because of her coaching but also because of her welcoming and understanding personality. I felt so much more powerful after our sessions.

Lenka’s support was extremely helpful and helped me to see my situation from a different angle. The new perspective gave me back my personal power and was a stepping stone in moving on with my life!

Transitions are never easy but it’s amazing how I start feeling excited about what’s in store for me in the future!

THANK YOU so much again for being there for me!

Stefania, Financial Analyst & Mom, Italy

With Lenka as my coach I always felt listened and understood. She was welcoming whatever was coming up in our sessions and worked with me from there. She supported me with my motivation – first she encouraged me to open up new possibilities, then helped me to come up with my own strategy and subsequently acted as my accountability partner when I needed one.

I particularly appreciated the clarity that I gained for my issues thanks to my coaching sessions with Lenka

Katrin, Marketing Manager, Switzerland

I want to thank you for our coaching sessions. It was just amazing and groundbreaking what you did. I got so much more clarity on what was blocking me and how I am going to start. I am much more clear on what I want to be and what I don’t want to be! I can work on concrete steps now.

Taking this new clarity to my business interactions is so much helpful, I feel more confident. I want to thank you again because you really did a fantastic coaching with me.

Jill, Coach, India

I’ve felt the freedom to speak about any topic, idea, worry or issue with Coach Lenka as there is a strong partnership between us while on a call. The professionalism of conversations is reassuring and I know I am in good hands and well supported.

Lenka’s coaching method is exploratory and often a playful approach has helped me tremendously to take time to consider a different way of viewing a situation. I’ve experienced that our sessions often result in a sense of spaciousness within myself that is such a welcome relief to areas of difficulty and situations that I would otherwise feel a stuckness.

After a session, I am energized to move ahead and take action. I often feel myself jumping back into life again after a call, having a new and valuable insight into how I want to proceed next.

Jay, Entrepreneur, Dubai

Lenka has a gift to keep you focused on the outcome when you work through challenging and complex issues. At the same time she is a very empathetic coaching partner who uses her intuition to tap behind the symptoms.

I have worked with Lenka for several months on my personal and business development topics and she repeatedly helped me to gain more clarity and direction.

She coaches with her heart, yet with a strong strategy!

G.; Consultant; Switzerland

I contacted Lenka for a series of coaching sessions because I did not see a career I wanted to move into. I saw several options, each with their own drawbacks and found it impossible to decide what to pursue given that none seemed fully right. This had led me to feel rather disillusioned about my future career path and I believed that what I needed was to make a decision on which of these possible paths to pursue. I went into the coaching sessions with that goal in mind.

Lenka’s coaching helped me realize that such a decision was in fact not the way to go to achieve my end goal of looking towards my future professional endeavors with hope and excitement. I instead came up with a different option that I at this point believe will get me there. Lenka helped me with forming that option into a concrete plan, including a clear goal and safety checks. I additionally was able to incorporate several of the methods Lenka had introduced me to during our sessions into the plan. Having finished our coaching, I will now follow the roadmap we have come up with over the next year. I am hopeful that it will lead to the desired result.

Klara; Telecommunication Analyst; Czech republic

In essence, I didn’t miss anything - a happy personal life, a pretty decent job making it possible for me to keep a balance between personal life and work. However I was regularly experiencing uncomfortable feelings that I am not in a job where I can imagine myself in two, five or ten years from now. Then I came across the opportunity to work with Lenka. Already after the first session (out of five), I felt it was good to trust Lenka.

It paid off to share all my feelings, needs and ideas with a professional, who has the expertise to guide you, to show you your options and to enable you to think deeply about your situation. You will be able to figure out and clearly name what you somehow knew about yourself but was using blindly, maybe what you were even afraid to admit. In her coaching, Lenka is using various types of tests which enable you to discover your strengths and talents and was is fulfilling you; you will discover where you stand out compared to others and what you can aspire for thanks to your unique combination of all these results. I can now start enjoying my unique gifts and go ahead searching for concrete opportunities.

I cannot imagine how I could have come to these conclusions other than working with a trustworthy, responsible and sensitive coach. Lenka is very empathetic and can feel your mood and needs; she allows for a quiet space where you can reflect without stress, while still moving her client beyond the limits they didn’t even know about.

Romana, Communication Specialist & Mother; Switzerland

When I became a mother, I worked with Lenka on finding a balance between my mother’s role and my professional aspirations. With Lenka’s help I was able to find more peace and joy in this process as we worked on my personal and professional visions.

I gained so much more clarity which gave me a relief from the stress of all my roles. Best timing for coaching with Lenka!


The story of Katrin, told by herself at a meetup in Zurich (Thank you so much!)

We are Who we choose to be

When I was a kid I wanted to be on stage and connect with the audience through the magic of tales and stories. That dream was killed very quickly when I did not get selected at the casting of our local theater. As a teenager I wanted to become a stage & fashion designer. I wanted to do something creative where I could take people on a visual journey. I was armed with a portfolio of 20 designs to enter art school.

But then my parents decided that this was not a proper job. So I ended up studying International Business.  I wanted to go on my own journey and I was destined to go to Australia, where I worked as Marketing Manager for the most preeminent retail precinct in Sydney. I was in the scene of high end fashion and commercial real estate. There was little creative freedom (that was done by Armani in Italy), not a lot of deep connection but I was the initiator of many successful campaigns and I had freedom, although … you know how it feels when there is just something missing?

When I was 33 I stopped my career when I gave birth to my 2 beautiful children, by then we had moved to Italy. I was happy to have a break from work and wanted to use the baby time to rethink my future. I had new hopes that I would do something where I get up every day inspired. But then reality hit me and the transition from the corporate world to nappies was quite a shock with little time to think about anything, followed by tantrums time and homework battles that would never end.

It was the day when my son, who was 9 years old by then and we had been living in Switzerland for 6 years, said to me: „Mummy I never see you laugh. “ Why was I not happy? Why did I still not know what to do? I had several part time marketing jobs here in Zürich that were administrative and did not fulfill me at all. Why did others succeed and I didn’t?

There was only one reason. But let me tell you first what the reasons weren’t.

It was NOT because I did not have people around me to support me. No, on the contrary. I was surrounded by lots of opinions of friends, family, educators and colleagues, who were not able to put themselves in my shoes. I was confused by them.

It was also NOT because I was not qualified enough. I was always the one who „had it all“ but never felt it was enough…further studies in digital marketing, graphic design, online texting, fluent in three languages…

And it was NOT because I was not open to new things. I felt guilty, lost and I was looking for answers in self-development books and meditation. But my inner voice just would not speak to me.

All of that were not the reasons for me being unhappy.

The only reason why I was not happy was because I never learned to truly listen to my own needs. It was considered to be selfish and egoistic. So, my life was oriented towards the needs of others.

Since university I had been so busy with studies, work, international moves, kids, always with a focus on WHAT comes next and never on WHY. Why I wanted to do this?

It was to the day that I met someone who changed my perspective. Someone who was able to dig deeper and access things inside myself which I had been hiding for far too long. Like an old photo album that had been sitting in the cellar for 30 years. That had its spark once and now it is sitting in a box with dust on it.

This someone was my great mentor Lenka who is specialized in, well, finding your inner spark.

Lenka was able to light up that spark in me, help me to realize that I needed to accomplish creative things where I can connect to others. I realized that I needed freedom, yet security;  I needed to inspire people, yet in a space to let me live my perfection. I also realized how much I loved my work, whereas in all these years I was convincing myself to be happy in my role as a full-time mum, suppressing this desire…

I had hope again to work on my mission, which is to change people’s life through my passion for design and stories. I started to work at the Impact Hub, I created my own brand called „Simpolino“, inspiring parents to navigate with humor and visuals through the chaos of daily family life. I also started my own company „Kreativ Connections“, where I want to help corporate clients to develop their visual and digital story for their brands.

A all of a sudden I was able to change my story. I started to CHOOSE to be the person who I really am.

I have seen many coaches… and the connection was not right, I felt more guilty than before, and I lost a lot of money. So I gave up my hope that coaching would help me. Instead with Lenka it was different. Lenka always had this true, deep, genuine interest in me, which no other coach ever had before.

It was like with my kids teachers – there were some who where brilliant, who will probably have an impact on my children’s future; and some should have never entered the doorstep of school. They all called themselves “teachers”. Just that you cannot pick the “teachers”, luckily with coaches you CAN.

With Lenka I felt truly understood and never judged. With her structured approach she was able to dig deeper to find out what is underneath all the noise in my life. With these new insights , I am able to better savor moments in various areas of my life: in my career, my marriage, my relationship with my children… I feel lighter now because there is less distraction and I can be more present. I was able to let go of all these distractions that kept me from living the life I always wanted to live.

…I can’t thank Lenka enough for supporting me and enabling me that.

And you? Are you the person who YOU chose to be?

In case you’re not, Lenka might be able to light your spark as well.